Mercaptan Injection System


A natural gas pipeline facility was looking to optimize and standardize their mercaptan injection systems. Mercaptan is the compound that is injected into propane to give it the rotten egg smell so that any leaks can be detected by smell. They previously sourced them out to various other suppliers with little to no success on the issues they were having with the operation of the systems.


  • Develop a standard that could be implemented across all of their facilities
  • Maintain a small footprint due to size constraints of available floor space
  • Lack of fail safes in current designs
  • Minimize operator interfacing with automation


Furey engineers traveled to project site to review the current design used and then brainstorm with the customer to improve the design of the system.  Furey met with both the operators as well supervisors to collect a list of operation and maintenance issues to be solved.  After the initial design was conceived, Furey collaborated via web conferences to review the layout and discuss solutions. A system was developed to incorporate all of the features that the customer desired.  The system was designed with automated fail close valves operation and additional feedback to the control room to ensure the propane would not be back fed into the mercaptan if the system wasn’t running or any check valves failed.  Additionally, the new design allowed the customer to calibrate and monitor the mercaptan without wasting any mercaptan.