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Engineering Department
  • Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of Fluid Handling Systems
  • System and Component Integration
  • System Design and Engineering
  • Interprets Customer Specification or Design Requirements
  • Quality Management through ISO 9001:2000 Procedures

Types of Systems
  • Chemical Feed Systems
  • Multi Pump and Filter Systems
  • Machining Center Systems
    • Washers, Central Filtration Units, High Pressure Pump Systems
  • Positive Displacement Blower Packages
    • Single Blower Packages and Multiple Blower Skid Mounted Packages
  • Specialty Pump Systems
    • High Pressure Pump Skids, Hydraulic/Oil Lube Skids
  • Process and Plant Components
    • Motor and Pump Bases, Tanks, Piping

Multi-Station Computer Aided Design Center
Autodesk Inventor 3D Drafting and Modeling Software

  • Complete System Bill of Materials
  • Increases Efficiency in the Manufacturing Process
  • Seamless Integration of Systems
  • Complete Documentation of System Changes